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Penn Lens 2018 Showcase: Pushing the Boudaries


Pushing the Boundaries: Innovation in the Visual Sphere.

Join us at the Penn Fox Gallery in Cohen Hall on April 11-13. More than 25 students’ work will be showcased. RSVP here.


Important Message from Penn Lens

Dear the Penn Lens Community,

It is with a heavy heart that we write to you this evening regarding the passing of fellow Penn Lens member, Aran Rana.

A kind, thoughtful, and wholesome person, Aran brought brightness to all the lives he touched. As a passionate photographer, he sought to capture the world in unique ways, shedding a powerful and revealing light onto our world. But perhaps more importantly, Aran’s photographic work uncovered the ephemeral moments that bring us together. The winning photograph he submitted last year to our showcase was a small testament to the legacy he left behind. Just like Aran, his photographs conveyed warmth and dynamism, reminding us of our common humanity.

During this difficult time, please know that the Penn Lens community and its members will always be here for you. Do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Penn is keeping a book for community members to write thoughts, memories, or well wishes. The book will be sent to Aran’s home in Hong Kong. To write a message, contact Lindsay Adams at adamsli@upenn.edu or visit her office at 3611 Locust Walk.

Dubious Embrace by Aran Rana. Popular Vote Winner of Spring Showcase 2016.


The Executive Board of Penn Lens

Halbert Bai

Hannah Rosenfeld

Tracey Woods, Jr.

Michelle Liu

Steve Shan

Esther Jeon

Jerry Chang

Matthew Mizbani

Sam Eichenwald

University resources include:
Division of Public Safety: 24/7 “HELP” line, 215-898-HELP (215-898-4357)
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS): 215-898-7021 (Nights and weekends, ask for CAPS counselor on call.)
Student Health Service: 215-746-3535
Student Intervention Services: 215-898-6081
International Student and Scholar Services: 215-898-4661
University Chaplain’s Office: 215-898-8456

School Advising and Student Affairs Offices:
College of Arts and Sciences: 215-898-6341
School of Engineering and Applied Science: 215-898-7246
School of Nursing: 215-898-6687
Wharton: 215-898-7613

Active Minds at Penn

Penn Lens Spring Showcase: CMYK

Penn Lens Spring Showcase: CMYK

CMYK: the subtractive color model used in color printing, referring to cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black).

Submissions for this year’s showcase are now open! Click here to access the submission form and submission guidelines.

When: April 1st, 7:30 – 9:30 PM
Where: Claudia Cohen Fox Art Gallery

There will be food, prizes, and, of course, photos from your peers! This is a great way to display your photos to the entire Penn campus. In addition to displaying your photos, photos will be judged by a panel of judges and your fellow peers and chosen to win PRIZES! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at upennlens@gmail.com.

Barbara Kasten: Stages @ ICA

Through August 16th at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA)

Barbara Kasten: Stages is the first major survey of the work of artist Barbara Kasten. Widely recognized for her photographs, since the 1970s Kasten has developed her expansive practice through the lens of many different disciplines, including sculpture, painting, theater, textile, and installation. Spanning her nearly five-decade engagement with abstraction, light, and architectonic form, this exhibition situates Kasten’s practice within current conversations around sculpture and photography. Kasten’s interest in the interplay between three- and two-dimensional forms, her engagement with staging and the role of the prop, her cross-disciplinary process, and her new approaches to abstraction and materiality are all intensely relevant to the present artistic moment, resulting in a new generation of artists who have drawn inspiration from Kasten’s aesthetic and method.

Check it out here!

Paul Strand: The Mexican Portfolio

When: Until March 29, 2015
Where: Arthur Ross Gallery (On Campus!)

In 1932, Strand was invited by Carlos Chavez, director of the Fine Arts Department of the Secretariat of Public Education, to document the changing landscape and people of Mexico.

During the two years Strand spent in Mexico, he traveled the countryside with his Korona and Graflex large format cameras. He explored small towns, churches, religious icons, and the people who inhabited the land. Strand, like many of the artists who were making art at the Taller de Gráfica Popular print studio, worked on this project during the period when the post-revolution government sought to establish a modern national culture that would capture Mexico’s unique character.

Check out the exhibition on campus from now until March! More info here!

Cast: A Group Exhibition

When: Thursday March 13th 2014 at 12:00am to Tuesday May 17th 2016 at 12:00am
Where: Philadelphia Photo Arts Center – 1400 N American Street Suite 103 Philadelphia PA 19122

The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center is pleased to announce Cast, a group exhibition featuring the work of Dru Donovan, Amy Elkins, Tarrah Kranjak, Laurel Nakadate and Pinar Yolocan. Using the human body and variations of historic and commercial conventions of portraiture, these artists challenge the conceptual constraints of how a portrait functions while addressing issues regarding authorship and control, as well as our stereotypes and perceived sense of beauty.

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 13th, 6-9pm

Check it out here!

The Call of the Wild – A Gallery Show

When: Until March 15th, Saturday and Sundays from 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Where: Uncommon Events Gallery – 25th and Aspen Streets, Philadelphia, PA 19130

Vast vistas of the tundra, sled dogs ready to run, and stark, rocky seascapes are some of the dramatic images captured in color and black and white photos by the adventurous Jilly Appleheimer in her upcoming show at Uncommon Events Gallery, 25th and Aspen Streets, Philadelphia. Her three-dimensional oil paintings of wild, fanciful flowers in exotic colors round out the exhibition.

Check it out here!

Eyefull: Paid Photography Position

Eyefull is looking for interns for the summer! See below for details:

Job Description:

Eyefull offers a paid internship for those interested in photography. Our interns will first be trained on how to take high-quality photographs of food from our food photography experts. The intern will then shoot photos part-time during the summer and in addition will be able to add these photos to their portfolio.

At Eyefull we understand how competitive the job market is and thus we offer our interns a hands-on experience in photography right at their university. Our interns will shoot hundreds of photos and will even have professional training on how to do so.

Interns will be asked to attend shoots when they are available. There will be an average of 3-5 shoots per week.

Interns will be paid $50/hr.

To apply please email the following to jakebender@eyefullfood.com:

(1) Your name
(2) Resume
(3) A detailed list of all photography equipment you own
(4) 10 pictures you have personally taken. This can be attached via google drive or dropbox.

Penn Lens & Stamped: A Seminar on Travel Photography

Going abroad this summer or fall, or gearing up for spring break? Hear from the photo editors of Stamped, Penn’s travel magazine, and from the photographers of Penn Lens about tips on cameras, lenses, how to balance photography with enjoying the expereince, and much more! All are welcome!

When: Wednesday, February 25th, 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Where: JMHH F45