Penn Lens, otherwise known as the University of Pennsylvania Photographic Society, is the only organization on Penn’s campus dedicated to the photographic medium. We aim to be a community for both hobbyists and professionals of all levels to engage in, learn about, and discuss the art form. Our events, guest speakers, workshops, and annual print showcase in the Fox Art Gallery draw in hundreds of Penn students every year to more fully appreciate and experience the medium. The Photo Division within Penn Lens also serves the unique function of providing photography services to Penn’s student groups. Beyond our initiatives on campus, Penn Lens serves first and foremost as a tight­-knit photography community––a home for any Penn student interested in the art form.


Halbert Bai

Year: 2018
Major: Biology and Psychology
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Interests/Hobbies: Running, Visiting Art Exhibitions, Filmmaking, Traveling

Contact Halbert at:

Steven Shan

Year: 2018
Major: Biology
Hometown: Hangzhou, China
Interests/Hobbies: Guitar

Contact Steven at:


Tracey Woods Jr.
VP of FinanceDSC_8958_preview - Akask Aribishi

Year: 2018
Major: Finance and Accounting
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
Interests/Hobbies: Sports, Video Games, Nature Walks, Game Design, Japanese

Contact Tracey at:


Emily Zislis
Internal Committee Head
Shoot-8 - Emily Zislis(1)

Year: 2021
Major: Anthropology and Political Science
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Interests/Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Running, Skiing, Ping Pong, Salsa & Bachata, Photography

Contact Emily at:


Ericka Lu
Events ChairIMG_1361 - Ericka Lu

Year: 2020
Major: Finance and Marketing
Hometown: Wuhan, China
Interests/Hobbies: Hiking, Backpacking, Videography, Photography

Contact Ericka at:



Emily Solomon
Photo Team Headfullsizeoutput_475 - Emily Solomon

Year: 2021
Major: Communications
Hometown: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Interests/Hobbies: Swing Dancing, Coffee Shop Hopping, Netflixing

Contact Emily at:


Stefanie Lee
Showcase Chair20180316_190705 - Stefanie (Young Ju) Lee

Year: 2021
Major: Philosophy Politics and Economics (PPE)
Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam
Other Interests/Hobbies: Napping, Discovering new TV shows, Reading, Eating good food

Contact Stefanie at:


Molly Dorshimer
Head of SI2Mission Trip 2016

Year: 2019
Major: Science, Technology, and Society
Hometown: Jenkintown, Pennsylvania
Interests/Hobbies: Photography, Ice Cream, Basketball, Beekeeping, Travel, Coffee

Contact Molly at:

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